Graduation: Time to Celebrate

This is something to celebrate!

A graduation is an honor, something to be proud of. This type of celebration would be one or two times in their life (depending on the college and post-grad plans) Family and friends should give the graduates the credit they deserve as this will be one of the major and proudest accomplishments in their lives

Going throughout the academic years it’s challenging, stressful, and demanding. All those days waking up early to get to class on time, all those nights staying up late studying for tests or writing papers,  all those exciting times getting the high score needed on tests and papers. It was tough, but they know it was all worth the work.

The Graduates

It is estimated that for the 2019-2020 academic year, there will be a total of 3,898,000 college graduates in the United States and about 3.3 million students were projected to graduate in the school year. Congratulations to all of them! This is such a big deal. Wearing that cap and gown and receiving the diploma is actually the most epic milestone of them all.

A diploma is not just a piece of paper, it proves all the effort, dedication and discipline that led to accomplish a goal. This augurs well for their future, in a few years they will be working their way up the corporate ladder, as entrepreneurs, some will start their own business, others will be teachers, doctors, engineers, and more.

Graduations & Coronavirus?

High School and College students throughout the United States are feeling saddened after several universities and schools have canceled or postponed spring graduation ceremonies because of Coronavirus.

Celebrate!! Celebrate!!

Planning a graduation celebration would keep the graduate, parents, family and friends to stay optimistic, excited, and hopeful about their careers, future, and life in general. For example start with collecting all photographs that documented significant events, such as: sports events, first day of class, adventures with close friends, etc. These can be shared on a screen or collage at the party, choose the venue, theme, music, and enhancements for the party.

For a spring celebration, outdoor parties are especially fun. Informal cookouts and pool parties are family-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy. Commencement ceremonies could be delayed due to the current situation and students probably won’t have their celebrations in spring however they can have an outdoor/indoor celebration about one of our yachts at any time of the year – Miami Style. After all they didn’t have their spring break in Miami but can celebrate their dream graduation party in the Magic City.