Creating “The Vibe” for your Event

You are having an event! You found your venue, and you decided on a date. What’s next?

Well, for me, this is the fun part. This is when we set “The Vibe” think décor, what feeling do you want your guests to have? What is the purpose of this event? Do you have an ambiance in mind? Those are the first steps to distinguishing the vibe and essence of your event.

My name is Stephanie Diaz and I am the event manager at Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters. I have been with the organization for over 10 years and am excited to share with you what I think creates a great event. This is the time to bring out those Pinterest boards, scroll through social media, and roll out those screenshots you have been saving. I always encourage my clients to share these images with me so I can get a feeling for their event inspiration.

The keyword here is inspiration. Are you admiring a centerpiece, lighting, tablescape, entertainment, etc.? These are all elements of your event that your coordinator can guide you through. Keep in mind, this is your event, and we can customize it for you. Something to remember during this time, is that these are photos for inspiration. Many of these photos have been edited or set up for an editorial purpose. They are not necessarily the most practical for every event, and that’s okay. This is all you need, to create the perfect event with YOUR unique twist.

One of the things I like to do during the next step is determine the flow of the event. What is the flow? When the guests come to your event, where will they go, what will they see, smell, or feel? We love to give guests a great first impression! At Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters when your guests are about to board the yacht, they are greeted with a red carpet. This makes them feel welcome. This says luxury! They are then welcomed by a smiling face and guided to get a glass of champagne, or welcome drink to get the party started. If you are hosting a Mexican Fiesta, then Margaritas are the perfect greeting drink. As we welcome them upstairs, they smell the ocean breeze; they hear the ocean. This sets the mood. Your guests are now taking in the elements and feeling relaxed. They get upstairs and what do they see; beautiful café lights hanging over them, they take in the surrounding views, and they hear the music playing. Creating the atmosphere, we specifically designed for them. They are then immersed, and the mood is set.

Shortly thereafter, we start passing some beautifully presented hors d’ oeuvres. Once again, tying in our theme, and making your guests feel like you’ve thought of every detail. Your guests will be mixing and mingling, ready for whatever is about to happen next. For many of our events, this is the highlight. After a long week of conferences and meetings our guests are simply here to relax and unwind. For some this could be the start of a grand event like a wedding or special birthday.

Another thing we love to do is tie your menu to your event theme. “Havana Nights” is one of the most popular event styles in Miami. To us “Havana Nights” means Mojitos, a Latin Jazz Band, a Cigar Roller, and one of our Cuban inspired menus with grilled skirt steak, chimichurri and sweet fried plantains.

Speaking of dinner, the dining room is a great place to bring your event inspiration to life! From lighting to your tablescape, this is the perfect place to add your special touch. For a corporate event this could mean we do centerpieces or a napkin in your company color. For a wedding this can mean specialty linen, custom centerpieces, and a dressed up sweetheart table.

The key here is to remember that no event is the same, every event is different, and most importantly this is your event. This means you can make it special, unique and exactly as you have imaged it to be. After working with Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters for a decade I can honestly say, no two events are the same. That’s the beauty of this creative process, and as your event coordinators, we are here to help navigate you to arrive at the desired outcome. Once you arrive, on the day of your event, the hard part is done. This is your time to relax, enjoy and leave the rest to US!

By Senior Event Manager

Stephanie Diaz