5 Ways to Plan an Unforgettable Event

Throwing an event is can be a challenge. There is a lot of preparation that goes into planning the perfect party. From the food, to the location, entertainment, menu, invitations, and transportation.

Below are some tricks to ensure that your next event is the talk of the town!

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Choosing a Location with a View

The first item to consider is where your event will take place. Consider a place that has a variety of demographics and activities to please all your guests. When inviting people from all across the globe it is important to pick a location that has a variety of food and activities throughout the day and night. Miami, for example, is a prime location for these elements. Whether they would like to try different food or enjoy a night out on the town, Miami has everything to offer your guests.  Once you choose your location you will want to take advantage of the natural surroundings.  In Miami for example, you will want to consider that many of your guests have never experienced an event on the water.  Imagine welcoming your guests onto a beautiful yacht with a red carpet entrance, “welcome aboard” champagne, and a staff that will pamper your guests with grade A customer service as we cruise the beautiful city landscapes.  Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters (www.biscaynelady.com), the top yacht charter company is South Florida, provides just this service.  They are highly regarded as one of the top event companies in S. Florida and are there to assist with all the details.  At night, the entire Miami skyline lights up in an array of colors and dancing buildings that will guarantee your guests “blow up the gram” with images of your event!

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First Impressions Matter

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Reflect on a previous event you have attended. How did you feel when you entered? Was someone there to greet you? Did they ensure you have a refreshment upon your arrival? Were they still setting up and seemed unprepared? These are just a few questions when it comes to creating the best first impression.

As a host, you want to ensure your guests let their guard down and relax. You want them to enjoy the party. According to Forbes, it takes only 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Some items that your guests immediately make their assumptions of based on their first impression include:

  • Your status
  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
  • How successful you are

Before your event starts you should ensure that you have plenty of staff members to welcome and entertain your guests. If you have a large party, ensure that their wait times are as short as possible, especially when it comes to the bar. Have servers cocktailing the event throughout the night to limit the amount of times your guests visit the bar line. They should be enjoying their conversations, not standing in line.

Your staff should also ensure that your event space stays clean at all times. While your servers may be cocktailing they can also clean up by removing used glasses or plates. This will ensure that your guests always have a clean area to continue enjoying themselves. You can’t beat someone else doing the dishes!

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Ensure the Right Tone with Music, Lighting & Furniture

To create the right tone of your event you should first consider the type of event you want to throw. Think about your demographic of your guests. What kind of music would they prefer? Consider whether you would prefer a dance party or a relaxing evening with dinner and drinks. This would change your music drastically. Understanding your event will help ensure that your smaller details submerge your guests into the event from start to finish.

In addition to the music, whether you have a DJ, background music, or a live band you should also consider your lighting. Your event should be a memory that your guests treasure for more than just one day. To ensure they take in the full experience you want them to document the good times they had. This means have them take photos! You want to ensure that the lighting is bright enough for photos even if that is only in one location at your event. This could be a photo booth or in the day time with an amazing backdrop. (This goes back to your location)

Maybe you are trying to promote a brand. If this is the case you want to ensure you have plenty of areas for good photo opportunities. If your guests feel immerged into the event and have a chance to take quality photos, they will more than likely share this on their social media channels. This in turn creates marketing for your brand. Consumers are more likely to be interested in a brand if they see that their friends and family trust them. Main priority – Create a comfortable and trusting environment that guests want to share with others.

Also, consider how you want your guests to interact with each other during the event. Do you want a large amount of open space for a dance floor? Do you want your guests to mingle with one another? Do you want a relaxing time with comfortable couches? Each event is different and the type of furniture you have will help your guests flow with your vision. Some options to consider for your space are:

  • Open Dance Floor
  • High and low cocktail tables
  • Tables and chairs for dinner (if serving a plated meal)
  • Lounge furniture

Lastly, pull in your details with the mood of the event with the colors you choose to amplify the party. Each color can send a different tone to your guests and it is important to understand the right color in order to set the correct tone. You could select the colors of your company to amplify your marketing or select a soothing color if you are wanting to host a calm dinner party.

  • Blue stands for dependability, trustworthiness, and it can inspire confidence while giving a calming effect.
  • Red can be considered provocative and is a stimulating color that is associated with high energy.
  • Pink is considered a trendy color and is can be very fun. A soft pink is considered sweeter and bolding pinks are thought of as more romantic.
  • Orange is thought of as an autumn color but can also have an exciting, dramatic and fun appeal on your guests.
  • Yellow is cheerful and catches the eye. This color can communicate positive energy and warmth.
  • Green offers a multitude of different tones depending on the type of green used. Deep green is associated with money and wealth while a lighter green gives of the expression of refreshing or healthy.

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Select A Seamless Host

Your host can either make or break your event. This step requires a bit of research but is important to ensure a flawless event.

They carry the most responsibility when ensuring the event goes perfectly. They have the power to dictate how smoothly your event runs. If they are organized and have all the details prior to the event they can ensure a night your guests will never forget. If your host is disorganized you can anticipate of night of constant harassment of questions and staff not understanding their duties. If the host fails, meaning they create the wrong atmosphere and overall a poor experience, this will then be tied to your event forever.

When selecting your host, pick someone who will be able to stay organized and understand your wants and needs for the event. They should also be able to give you suggestions and ideas on how to help the event run smoothly and ensure it is a time worth remembering in the best ways!

Finish Your Event Strong

You have prepared your event for months and now it is over. Ensure your guests have a great experience from start to finish.

It is important to thank your guests at the end of the night even if it is with a small “Thank You” provided by the staff as they leave. You could also provide a thank you token but this is not a requirement to making your guests feel appreciated. When your guests feel appreciated and thanked they are then more likely to speak highly of you as well as want to enjoy future events that you may host.

The end of your event is the last time you will be able to ensure your guests have a positive experience. Have them leave feeling appreciated and excited for future events that you may host.