4 Must-Haves to Provide the Best Entertainment for Your Guests

Booking entertainment for an event can be tricky. You may wonder, who are the best people to work with? How many events have they done? Will they be the right fit for my event? With so many questions it can feel overwhelming to try and find the perfect entertainment for your event.  The word entertainment can also mean several different things to different people.  You could be looking for a fun theme, entertainers to welcome your guests, elaborate dancers, or lively musicians!  Below are a few entertainment ideas to get you started. venetian lady luxury yacht upgraded interior 1. Choose Your Theme Theme nights can be epic especially when every detail is themed to perfection and your guests fully immerse themselves in the fun. In Miami, an easy, fun and very popular way to get your guests to loosen up is with a tropical night’s theme and what better to do it than on a yacht!  Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters is a great resource in this department.  They have an event department fully committed to helping you create the perfect atmosphere aboard one of their yachts, and more importantly, finding the right entertainment. The events team at Biscayne Lady works with the best vendors in S. Florida and are able to point you in the right direction.  Imagine your guests welcomed with a mojito from the service staff and as they enter the lounge they are greeted with a smile from your personal cigar roller. You can include fedoras and roses for your guests to really be immersed in the experience! Finish your tropical nights event with an Hora Loca (Crazy Hour) where your guests have glow sticks, light up hats or masks or anything else fun you can think of! Turn down the lights, turn up the music, and just go crazy for the last hour! Want to change it up? You could have a casino night on the water for your guests to enjoy! Choose from a variety of tables including blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps. No money needed! Just good clean fun with no risk! Raise the stakes and bring prizes for the luckiest of the night! Let the casino staff count the chips for you as you continue to enjoy the event. Theme it out more with a photo booth and oversized playing cards or additional decoration around the venue. For example, you could bring decorations to place in your flowers, giveaway visor hats used in poker matches, or print custom napkins to hand to your guests with their drinks. The options are endless!

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2. Have Fabulous Greeters Maybe you do not want a full theme for your event but just a way to make an impact from the moment the guests see your venue. A great way to make a splash from the very beginning would be with a living red carpet! Your guests have no option than to be shocked with an 8 foot tall beautiful women connected to the red carpet welcoming them as they board onto the yacht. This will ensure your guests take a lot of pictures from the beginning of your event which then ensures that they tag and share all over the gram! Another option would be to have a photo opportunity as your guests are about to board the vessel. They could stand in front of a magnificent flower wall or backdrop covered in your logo with the luxurious yacht in the background. This is another great way to start branding from the very beginning of your event and an easy way to get your name in photos that your guests will undoubtable share!

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3. Keep Your Guests Moving with Hired Dancers Looking for something to keep the party going? Dancers are a great way to keep the energy level high and get those nervous dancers on the dance floor! Pick a color to coordinate with their elaborate costumes and watch your guests’ eyes be dazzled by the fancy footwork! The dancers can help bring out even the shyest of guests or everyone could enjoy choreographed performances throughout your event! Have a costume change to keep surprising your guests! Enjoy the night and let the music move you!

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4. Keep the Night Upbeat with Lively Music Lastly, there is nothing better than having good music during your event! Music can make or break the event that you are trying to accomplish, so when making your music selections think hard about the type of vibe you want! Some great options include a steel drum band, Latin trio, DJ, live saxophonist, or a live violinist! Each option can bring a different feeling to your event. For example:
  • Steel Drum Band – Great option for a tropical island theme night.
  • Latin Trio – Nothing says Miami like a Latin Trio.
  • DJ – Great for birthday parties, weddings, dancing, or to have in the background with your favorite slow jams.
  • Live Musicians – Having a live saxophonist or violinist can give a feeling of sophistication during your event. Have them playing as your guests arrive or while they enjoy a delicious meal.
Looking for something else? The friendly staff at Biscayne Lady is always ready to help! When you are ready to book reach out to their offices at 305-379-5119 and be ready to dazzle your guests at your next event!