We’re All In This Together | An Optimistic Outlook on Coronavirus

We’re All In This Together

We have all heard the expression lately “We’re all in the same boat together”.  Well this time the name of the boat is “Planet Earth”.  As the sailors on the old sailing ships we could see a storm coming but we did not realize it would be the equivalent of a hurricane and tsunami hitting our ship at the same time. We have taken the hit but because of the crew onboard “Planet Earth” we will make it through this storm. The brilliant scientist, medical professionals and first responders are working tirelessly to find solutions and assist those in need.  The workers in all of those “essential businesses” who continue to work to provide us with basics of life.  The teachers and students who are finding new ways to teach and learn. The manufactures creating the vital products needed and the truck drivers moving those products.  The entertainers and artists who are providing free access to their talents to help keep us all sane.   There are thousands and thousands of people doing everything they can to help.  There are even those of us who can assist by simply staying home so we don’t risk catching or spreading this virus further.

And that is where we at Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters are right now.  We are in fun business of showing off our beautiful city and Biscayne Bay to all of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit Miami every year and the local residents who love to see their own city from the water.  Miami is virtually empty of visitors right now and the residents are under “Stay at Home” orders.

We will come out the other side of this storm that Planet Earth is experiencing but it will take some time.

We hope you will all have a chance to join us on one of our many “boats” for food, drinks, entertainment and beautiful views when the storm has passed.