Event Planning 101: Tips & Tricks to Plan the Perfect Event

There’s always so much work that goes into planning an event.  But with a few tips and tricks you’ll get though it like a pro.  Through our experience of planning many events, here are some points that we stick to for a perfect event planning journey.

First, give yourself plenty of time.  If you have decided to have the event, start right away.  The more you get done now, with no hurry, the more things will come out right and you will be able to deal with those unexpected surprises that are bound to come up in a less stressful state.  And even though you have plenty of time, organization is key.  Make that list, make sure everything is in order of priority and also make a smaller task list that you can tackle in your down times that won’t take away from the moments where you are dealing with more important items.  Setting your goals for this event will help prioritizing your tasks.  It’s important to make sure that your goals are very specific, detailed and realistic.  The last thing you want to do is get demotivated because you’re not making your deadlines.  Be generous with yourself and set realistic timelines.

Focusing on one item at a time is one of the best things you can do.  If you deal with one task at a time, you will know that you did it right the first time and not have to worry about it after.  Multitasking is a pretty word but things are just not guaranteed that way and when you are planning an event, you want to make sure you didn’t deliver the cake to your home address by mistake! Focus.  This goes for your team as well.  Delegating allows you not to have to carry the world on your shoulders.  I know that no one can do it better than you, but the truth is that as long as the communication is clear, the outcome can be not only what was expected, but sometimes even above and beyond.  Work with your team.

Another big part of a successful event is making sure to work with vendors and suppliers that you trust.  If you don’t know them, it’s very important to get references and make sure that they are reliable.  The last thing you want is for all your efforts to go down the drain because a vendor didn’t come through.  However, no matter how prepared you are, there will be things that pop up unexpectedly but if you follow the advice in this blog you will be in the best possible state to deal with it calmly.

Now, the absolute, most important tip – you need to take care of yourself.  Events sometimes can get very stressful and demanding.  Make sure to exercise,  eat right and get enough sleep because this will reduce stress levels and will just make you a happier person all around.

And happy people make happy events.