Everything You Need to Have the Best Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are trending more than ever, and more and more couples are ditching the need for a passport and choosing to stay stateside. South Florida weddings are a popular option on the destination list and with good reason. Swim and snorkel on your own private yacht.  Hang out on the sundeck with a cocktail and great food. Or cruise into to the evening enjoying the sunset before being dropped off for dinner at a waterfront restaurant.  South Florida has it all, plus many other attractions: from the wildlife of the Everglades, the culture of the Caribbean Islands and Latin America, to the amazing nightlife of downtown Miami, Wynwood and the Beaches.  Our panoramic views, sunny weather and beautiful beaches easily compete with the beach appeal of Mexico and staying stateside is also likely lighter on the wallet for both you and your guests.

Destination wedding on a yacht


If you are planning a Florida destination wedding or are planning to go to one, you can expect to see some of these hot trends. 

Destination Wedding in Miami


South Florida is all about the water and the outdoors and depending on where you are staying we may be able to bring the floating wedding venue to you. Biscayne Lady Yacht Charters is a great option for a yacht event in South Florida.  They are highly regarded as a top wedding venue in Miami and not just amongst yachts.  Although their home base is in Miami they can travel as far as Palm Beach.  We should also mention the added convenience of having your guests stay at any one of many beautiful South Florida’s hotels which have their own docks.  Your guests can walk out the door and onto the yacht.  Just imagine how surprised and impressed your guests will be when your reveal that the wedding, reception, or both will not take place in yet another boring hotel ballroom but instead on your very own private luxury yacht! Contact us to learn more!

Rent a Yacht in Miami


You can plan your bachelor/bachelorette trip a few months before the wedding or you can make it the week before the big day to extend the destination wedding experience!  This is better on the pockets as you’re only purchasing one flight and you’ll also get more time to celebrate with your family and friends before the big day. Spend the day on a sport yacht with your bridal party!


To really help curate a great destination experience for your guests, create an itinerary of fun and of course optional activities for them to enjoy before and after the day of.  This is extra helpful for your guests who want to use this opportunity as a mini vacation for themselves. You can include their itinerary with their wedding invitation, on your wedding website or in their welcome gift bag.

Your wedding website is great for keeping guests up to date. Since guests will most likely stay at different hotels depending on budget make sure to include meeting points for optional activities. A lot of your guests will most likely opt for a day of rest and relaxation on the beach.

It is highly recommended to schedule a welcome party to give guests the opportunity to meet and get to know each other.  This always makes for a better time at the wedding reception. The welcome party might be a sunset cocktail cruise, a dinner or a bonfire on the beach.

Everglades Tour Miami Florida


Make sure to include some fun group activities for guests to enjoy. Some of your guests will wish to go off on their own to see the sights but a lot of your guests would rather take part in activities planned for them. Pre-planned activities are the best way to bring everyone together.

Below are a few great ideas that please every time!

  • Take them snorkeling or boating
  • Spa day
  • Explore the Everglades
  • Adventure package with activities like snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding
  • Brewery tour
  • Sunset yacht cruise
  • Beach yoga
  • Group classes (surfing, painting, cooking, etc.)
  • Beach bonfire
  • Golfing


Make sure to use your destination as inspiration!  A personalized beach tote or waterproof bag if you are planning activities on the water is always a great touch!

  • Flip Flops
  • Handheld fans
  • Luggage tags
  • Pre-stamped postcards
  • Sunglasses
  • Playing cards
  • Hand rolled cigars by experts in Miami’s Little Havana
  • Individual bottles of local beer
  • Hydrating facial spray
  • White chocolate key lime cookies and key lime candies
  • Practical items like suntan lotion, aloe vera, bug repellent wipes and hangover kits (always a hit!)


You really can’t forget any of your must-have items, but on the flip side, you also want to make sure you don’t over-pack. Here’s a helpful tip, consider inquiring whether you can send certain items to the venue ahead of time. Then you’ll only have to pack the essentials, such as your wedding attire, toiletries, any medications and vitamins.


Benefits of Hosting a Team Building Event for Your Company

team building in miami

Improving corporate culture and employee moral through team-building exercises and activities are necessary components of organizational performance improvement.  The primary element of organizational effectiveness starts with employees and providing them a culture that fosters empowerment and knowledge and skills to consistently move forward.

Team building events reinforce the value of working together.  Employees learn enhanced communication, trust, conflict resolution and having a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues.  And most importantly, it is fun…

Corporate Team Building Miami

Some of these benefits are:


Clear and open communication is vital to the success of projects and relationships within a company.  Employees learn to express themselves but also the ability to listen.  Effective communication is listening and talking.  This can improve office relationships and in return, improve performance improvement.  Moreover, the fun nature of team building activities allows employees to get to know each other in a casual environment outside the office.


When a team is asked to work on a project outside their normal job duties it usually correlates to anxiety and the fear of failure for employees.  Building confidence and trust, not only in themselves but that of others provides a greater success in all aspects life.  After all, no one will be fired for not solving the scavenger hunt the fastest. When walls are lowered, people engage in creative dialogue seeking solutions to the task at hand. Co-workers realize they are part of a team with a variety of ideas that can help solve problems. The result is greater trust among co-workers when they return to the daily office tasks.

Team Building Venue South Florida


When a group of employees successfully completes a team building activity it creates momentum and excitement.  Success breeds confidence, which in turn provides greater utilization for employee performance.   Employees need to believe in the corporate culture, they need to understand that no one succeeds in their career or life without others.   Companies that provide a culture that fosters positivity and consistently provide learning and development skills to employees have a much greater success rate, internally and externally.


Team building activities is an investment, a necessary investment.  Great companies never stop investing in their core asset, their EMPLOYEES.  Taking an entire day away from the office may seem as an extravagant expense.  Events designed to help the team grow and develop new skills indicate that a company is committed to its employees. As a result, employees are likely to reciprocate this investment in them by investing in the business. They are more likely to take pride in their job and seek to achieve company goals. Investing time and money into team building events and activities builds relationships leading to a more open and collaborative culture.  Investing in your employees is constant and never ending.  If you don’t invest in them, someone else will… Give your employees a reason to not leave your company, instead of a reason to leave your company…

Best Place for Team Building Event Miami

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful.  Team building activities are the way to go.  Grown-ups can have fun, too!


Top 4 Things the Bride & Groom Can’t Miss on Their Wedding Day

Planning your wedding details can be overwhelming at times, there seem to be so many items to prioritize. Here is a list of the top 4 enhancement items we recommend to make your wedding day stand out from all the rest. It’s the uncommon touches that truly make your wedding day memorable for you and all your guests.

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1. Hire a Professional Wedding Coordinator

Let a professional manage the coordination and allowing yourself to enjoy the moment should be number 1 on the list of a bride’s priorities. After all, this day comes only once in a lifetime! Your Wedding could not be more important, with vows, photos, guests, toasts and many other precious moments. Ensuring you can be at ease and fully present to enjoy your day is a must.  Having a wedding coordinator making sure all your careful planing is flawlessly executed will reduce any stress you might be feeling.  Someone with experience will know exactly how to bring your vision to life, troubleshoot anything that doesn’t go according to plan, and come to you with solutions to make sure your day is everything you hoped it would be.

Best wedding venues southern florida


2. A Dramatic Wedding Entrance

Arriving for the ceremony is the first experience guests have.  Featuring something that will set the ceremony apart from any others they have attended in the past is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Consider having a Harpist or a String Quartet playing contemporary music for your guests as they arrive.  Musicians can stay through the ceremony and provide the music for your walk down the aisle as well as play that special song when it’s time to kiss the bride.  Personalize the ceremony space with florals, an aisle runner and perhaps some rented seating if the venue allows it.  Another great idea for a ceremony experience, would be setting up a beverage station to welcome guests while they greet each other and take a seat for the ceremony.  These are just a few ideas of what you can do to help make your guests comfortable, get them to meet each other so they can enjoy the ceremony and later the reception.

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3. Mood Lighting

Never underestimate the power of good lighting.  Many studies have shown the effect lighting and certain colors have on the mood of an individual. Utilize combinations of different lights and colors to provide a fun and relaxing environment. Lighting has the power to change your event, taking your guests from a solemn ceremony to a relaxed dining experience and later turning it up for entertainment and dancing.  There are many new technologies emerging that incorporate lighting and projection as well. Be sure to include that extra touch to really wow your guests.

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4. Wedding Photography & Timing

Beginning a wedding at the correct time is essential to capturing the best photos for your album.  A good photographer will be a master of light and the best ally in this department.  Meet with a photographer well in advance to discuss what the best times to capture great photos during and after your ceremony are.  This time will vary wildly depending on your location, the date and your personal preferences.  The photos taken on this day will be with you for a lifetime, so make sure to capture as much of the moment as possible.

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Biscayne Lady hopes these suggestions were helpful to you.  Allow us to help you plan your special day, and we can get creative with these suggestions.  There are many options available on the market and they range in price to fit a large range of budgets.  You can have the wedding of your dreams with a little bit of vision and planning.  We hope to have the pleasure of making your wedding memorable!